What changes are coming to Graalians Discord Server 12/21/2019

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  • If you have any question please feel free to ask in the Graalians Discord Server Chat.
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What changes are coming to Graalians Discord Server
* We will soon be releasing a channel where freelancers can design artwork for the players but, for a fee.
This just an idea I had today after seeing one of our long term graal players/members posting in our general chat @*Elk (Darkshire)
– If anyone has a template idea on how freelancer should post services or what the channel should be called then post in #gfx

* We will also be creating a new channel group for random stuff that was very popular on the graal forums to help users interact a bit more with one another.
* The Miscellaneous section will be getting an overhaul as well.
* Oldskool section will be removed and will have a private chat to only verified members.
* Old roles will be removed while some roles will be added
* Mee6 Commands will be updated
* Guild section will be introduced where you can have a private guild chat for ur guild members.
– Must have 6 members or more in the server to qualify for a guild channel in the Graalians Discord Server.
– For a Guild VC, you will need 10+ members
* Remove of inactive bots
* Updating channels with proper information.
* Server interaction bot with a new IRC channel
– This will allow users in IRC and Graalians Discord Server to communicate with one another by relaying chat to one another.
* @Deleted User will be helping redesign the graalians.net website (right now it is forwarded to a prank website)

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