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Unholy Nation Graal Server History

Unholy Nation was founded in June of 2001 by LiquidIce and AcidIce, around the same time that Elven Lands was released. Management was handed down to Dark Warlock on 02-25-2002

On April 22, 2016, Unholy Nation was removed from the public server list. On Feb 21, 2019, Carlito (MysticDragon) and Blackboy (Blackfires) restricted the server to staff only.

Questa and Treeman’s House

Questa and Treeman’s house on Unholy Nation has been standing in
Neo Town since September 2001. There has been approximately
15 or so revisions of the house.

Rooms in Questa & Treeman’s House
-There is a time machine room that takes the player back to previous versions of the house.
-There are two well-known secrets in the house, and one that is not well known at all.
-There is a simple spar room and a VIP room for Red Mages and friends.

Why was Unholy Nation Server Shut down?

Official Story:
Apparently Unholy Nation was shut down because of past staff abuse, particularly abuses perpetrated by Ramza. That was the official story told to players and UN Staff.

Unofficial Story:
Many players believe that MysticalDragon wanted Delteria to become popular and capture a larger share of the playercount. According to this theory, MysticDragon believed that shutting down Unholy Nation would cause most players to visit Delteria. Since Unholy Nation was made inaccessible, the playercount for PC Graal has dropped significantly.

Links related to the shutdown of Unholy Nation

Carlito on RC when Unholy Nation shutdown

Unholy Nation Server In Game Rules

Welcome to Unholy Nation.
These are the rules and regulations that players are required to follow.
Failure to follow these rules will result in various punishments. Thank you.


1.) Hacking is a no tolerance situation. If you are caught hacking, an immediate 30 day ban
will be placed, if not more.
a. Hacking will be defined as use of any 3rd party program to directly influence the game in any way shape or form.
b.Sending out hacking links will be held under this stipulation as well.
2.)Glitching will also not be tolerated. If a person is using a method to glitch in order to gain any sort of items or access to areas, they risk reset or ban. If you find a glitch, please report it


1.)Harassment is defined as anything that will disturb or upset another person.
a.Harassment may be done on player, in mass messages, or in private messages.
b.Harassment can be calling people unwanted names, continuous engagement with a player who has asked to be left alone, or threatening a player with text.
c.Harassment includes sexual and racist remarks.
d.Harassment also includes giving out personal information about a person (facebook, myspace, personal photos, name, phone number, address, etc.) without the player’s consent.
e.This does include staff members as well. If a staff member asks you to leave them alone, for whatever purpose they may need (testing, dealing with other issues, etc.), please leave them alone.
2.)The general rule of thumb for harassment is to respect one another’s personal bubble. If someone feels like their bubble is being infringed on, they have a right to report it.
3.)We promote the ability for people to have lively debates in mass messages. Just make sure to keep it civil and respectful of others.


1.)UN will have a limited swearing mentality. By limited swearing, we mean that a few words here and there are okay. However, directing those swear words to anyone else, are not to be allowed.
a.Example: Shit, that sucks versus You are a piece of shit.
b.The amount allowed is under the discretion of staff.
2.)Pornography in any form will not be allowed. This can be in message, image, or video form. No warning will be needed for this.
3.)Any discussion of illegal drugs will not be tolerated in mass messages, toalls, or public areas. If you want to talk about it, take it to private messages or private areas.


  • 1.)Spar running, laming, or disrupting spars via spamming is not allowed.

Server Staff List

Dark Warlock2002 – 2003Manager
Skrobo2 / Skrobo2006Admin
klyde15 / Klyde2006PR Admin
HarDKoRe2015GP Cheif
Kulpepper / Nevernine2016GP Chief
LegendOfGeovanie / Enviouz2016ASST- GP Chief
LordSquirt / Squirt2016GP
Rathanos / <<Atari>>2016GP
a1tjm / Kiox2016GP
Hyto_Kirra2011Graphic Team
Oni2011Graphic Team
LightDamage2011Graphic Team
Riku212011Graphic Team
T0nda2011Graphic Team
lilian75922011Graphic Team
Firedemon_504 / Fire2016Graphic Team
Kirble2016Graphic Team
WizzKiz / Kira2016Graphic Team
Poodie2016Graphic Team
Hyto_Kirra / KAi2016Graphic Team
Zerobeat90 / Damon2016Graphic Team
Yump_Sis / Jell-o2016Graphic Team
Door2011Upload Team
SlikRick2011Level Team
javierkid2011Level Team
Trimaster2016Level Team
jave2016Level Team
tooty2016Level Team
Katie2016Level Team
Deas2011Scripting Team
Devine_TK / Rachel2016NAT Admin
kittygirl765 / Pixie2016NAT
napo_p2p 2016NAT
Kristi / Joshie2016NAT
omd2016Graal Police
Frixxy2016GAT Admin
Joker2016Level Admin
The_Ice_Cold / Ice Cold2016FAQ Admin
doomboy0 / sub-zero2016ASST FAQ Admin
MEisGQ / Mysti2016FAQ
cornskater / Shade2016FAQ
the420 / Sidious2016FAQ

Standard controls on Unholy Nation

Move: Arrow keys
Talk: Tab
Pause: P
Attack: S or Space
Grab: A
Use/Fire Weapon: D
Inventory: Q
Emotes: ctrl + letter
Actions: shift + letter
Worlds window: F1, F8
Game messages & engine log: F2
Game Options: F3
Playerlist: F7

Unholy Nation Commands


show lumber (shows amount of lumber)
show minerals (shows amount of minerals)
show fish or /fish (shows amount of fish)


/etmsgon (turns event notifications on)
/etmsgoff (turns event notifications off)
/leave (leave event)
/help (help in events)
showetwins (shows event spar rank and amount of wins for the month)

Message the NPC-Server ‘top20’ for a list of the top 20 sparrers and event winners.

Castle Wars

showmytime (shows individual time)
showguildtime (shows guild time)
showmykills (shows individual kills)
showguildkills (shows guild kills)
showmydeaths (shows individual deaths)
showguilddeaths (shows guild deaths)


i call winner or icw (adds to spar queue)
start (begins spar)
stop (ends spar)
focus on (focus on spar arena)
focus off (focus off spar arena)
/hideall (hides all messages, and nicknames)
/showall (shows all messages, and nicknames)
showspartokens (shows amount of spar tokens)
showsparrank (shows monthly spar ranking)

Message the NPC-Server ‘top20’ for a list of the top 20 sparrers and event winners.


setnick ‘nickname’ (sets nickname)
setnick (sets nickname to “unknown”)
setguild ‘guild’ (sets guild tag, NEEDS correct punctuation)
showtagtime (shows time guild tag has been worn)
sethat ‘hat#’ (sets hat, can ONLY set a hat you own)
/viewhats ‘account’  (views a players hats)
sethead ‘head code’ (sets head)
setbody  ‘body code’ (sets body)
all ‘color’ (sets all body colors to certain color)
skin ‘color’ (sets skin color)
body ‘color’ (sets body color)
sleeve ‘color’ (sets sleeve color)
belt ‘color’ (sets belt color)
shoe ‘color’ (sets shoe color)
setshield ‘shield code’ (sets shield)
setsword ‘sword code’ (sets sword)
view attributes (view players attributes)
newtaylor up (brings up taylor NPC)
unstick me (Brings you to online start local)


/setfireball Mario (orange)
/setfireball Luigi  (Green)
/nospin (turns off sword spin)
/stiltz # (changes the color of stiltz)
setballooncolor <color> or setballoon # # # (The numbers must be between 0 and 1. Changes balloon colors)


unstick me (warps to online start local in Town Center)
/achievements ‘account’ (checks your own or another player’s achievements)
showap (shows alignment points – AP)
showname (shows player’s current nickname)
showstats (shows stats)
hidestats (hides stats)
/hidehearts (hides hearts)
/showhearts (shows hearts)
/hideinfo (hides AP, MP, and EP info and icons)
/hidenicks (hides nicknames)
/shownicks (shows nicknames)
/Enable Seasonal Tilesets (enables seasonal tilesets)
/Disable Seasonal Tilesets (disables seasonal tilesets)
/forums (brings up the in-game forum)
I want beer (command to get beer from Wisa in TC Pub)
/fix me (fixes player bugs)
/fix hats (fixes your hat selection)
showlag (displays your ping – lower numbers represent less lag)
/meditate stats (displays your meditation progress and level)

Message the NPC-Server ‘serverrules’ to see the server rules.


/locate ‘account’
/place ‘furniture’
/tile on
/tile off
/gotofloor ‘#
/setpos x y
/allow ‘account’
/remove ‘account’
/addroom ‘theme’
/addroom ‘theme’


/bid – See a listing of the auctions up for bid
/auction – Put items up for auction

Basic Controls

Arrow Keys (Move up, down, right, and left)
Tab (Talk)
P (Pause)
S OR Space Bar (Attack)
A (Grab)
D (Use)
Q (Inventory)
Ctrl + ‘Letter’ (Emotes)
Shift + ‘Letter’ (Actions)
F1 OR F8 (Worlds Window)
F2 (Game Messages & Engine Log)
F3 (Game Options)
F7 (Playerlist)
Standing in front of an object and pressing A while holding any arrow initiates pulling. (Blue blocks are pulled).
Running up into an object initiates pushing. (Red blocks are pushed).

Unholy Nation Quests

Heart Quests
Acid Ice’s House
Puzzle Eternalist
Sword Level 2
Castle Garden Quest
Riddle Cave
Save The Fairy
Doom Cave
Chicken Shooting Game
Abandoned Mansion
Samoo Gang
Trent Mage Quest
Fire Ring
Bolt Ring
Earth Ring
Shield Ring
Copy Ring
Wind Ring
Transform Ring
Poison Ring
Aqua Ring
Dark Ring
Fools Ring
Warp Ring
Wedding Ring
Dojo #1
Dojo #2
Dojo #3
Dojo #4
Dojo #5
Miscellaneous Quests
Recall Quest
Temple Quest
Katana/Broken Sword

Unholy Nation Events

  • AllvsOne
  • AroundTheWorld
  • AtomicFFA
  • Avoidance
  • BombPK
  • BoulderDash
  • Bushrace
  • Bushwars
  • CakeDogVsPresentCat
  • Carnage
  • Chance
  • ChessPK
  • CoinCollector
  • Confusion
  • CopsandRobbers
  • CS
  • CTF
  • DangerCreek
  • DangerRoom
  • DiamondRace
  • DDK
  • Dodgeball
  • DrawIt
  • DrunkenDriver
  • Emoticons
  • EonRace
  • ETBrawl
  • ETPK
  • Fallout
  • FigureSkating
  • FlySwatter
  • FreezeTag
  • GravityRace
  • Grifball
  • HotPotato
  • IceBattle
  • Iconopolis
  • IdolHunt
  • Jetman
  • Juggernaut
  • KagePK
  • KOTH
  • LaserDodge
  • LavaPK
  • Lavapot
  • LavaRace
  • LuckyGuess
  • Martigo
  • MathRace
  • MazePK
  • MazePK2
  • Memory
  • Middle
  • MushroomCatch
  • MusicalChairs
  • NumberGuess
  • Pictionary
  • PityPK
  • Platforms
  • Platrace
  • PoisonPurge
  • PotRace
  • PPK
  • PPK2
  • PPK3
  • PPK4
  • QuickCount
  • QuickTourney
  • Race
  • Rapid
  • Rapid2
  • Riddikulous
  • RLGL
  • RockPaperScissors
  • RoyalRumble
  • RunEmOver
  • SamuraiDuel
  • SDTM
  • SkyPK
  • Snowpot
  • Survival
  • SurvivalRace
  • SwimRace
  • Tag
  • TagTeamPong
  • TeamETBrawl
  • TeamPK
  • TerrainWar
  • ToiletPK
  • TreasureHunt
  • TSR
  • Tsurace
  • TTPK
  • Typido
  • UsvsThem
  • VampPK
  • Western
  • WheresWaldo
  • ZombieHunt
  • Weekly Tourney Host

Event Tournaments

  • HotPotato
  •     PPK
  •     Fallout Singles
  •     BombPK
  •     MST
  •     TTMST
  •     UTC
  •     TTUTC
  •     TagTeamPong
  •     Fallout Doubles
  •     CS Doubles
  •     Freezetag Doubles
  •     Capture The Flag (CTF)
  •     TeamETBrawl

Jobs & Making Money on Unholy Nation

To make money and buy all the items and hats you desire on Unholy Nation, you need to work. In each job, excluding fishing, you start off with 0 EXP, and the more EXP you have, the more money you will make by being able to work towards more valuable materials. There are currently three jobs on Unholy Nation: mining, lumbering and fishing.
Mining – uses a mining hammer to break down rocks for their minerals.
Lumbering –
uses either a lumber axe or lumber chainsaw to cut down trees for lumber.
– uses a fishing pole to catch fish from the many bodies of water on Unholy Nation.


Mining Mining is the first of the three jobs which can be done to increase your wealth in Unholy Nation. You can begin mining by obtaining the item Tools/Mining Hammer, which can be bought for 100G at the Unholy Nation Mining House (located above Town Center and is conveniently right below the mining cave). Purchase the hammer by simply saying “buy mining hammer” when inside this building. Once you have received your mining hammer, go right up to the mining cave and start making money! There are different types of minerals you can receive from mining. By saying “show minerals” you are able to check how many of each mineral you currently have in your inventory. In addition, you can sell minerals to the same guy you purchased the mining hammer from in the Unholy Nation Mining House. To sell your minerals just use the command: /sell ‘type of mineral’ ‘amount’. Here is a list of all the minerals and also included are the amounts of EXP needed to mine each type of mineral and how much each sells for:

Tin: 0 EXP needed, sells for 2G each.
Copper:  8,000 EXP needed, sells for 4G each.
Iron: 42,000 EXP needed, sells for 6G each.
Coal: 84,000 EXP needed, sells for 8G each.

Occasionally you will find rare jewels, these don’t require EXP, but do sell for a high price:
Silver: Sells for 12G each.
Gold: Sells for 18G each.
Sapphires: Sells for 25G each.
Emeralds: Sells for 25G each.
Rubies: Sells for 30G each.
Diamonds: Sells for 50G each.


Lumbering Lumbering, the second of the three jobs present in Unholy Nation. This job can be started off east of Seaport, next to a patch of blue trees. Jack (Lumberjack) owns the lumber shop here, and he will sell you the item Tools/Lumber Axe for 100G, simply say “buy lumber axe” to buy it. When you have bought the lumber axe, head to TC and talk to the ‘Magical Lumber Wizard’ in OSL. Afterwards you can start cutting down green trees in Conner. Once you begin, you have 30 seconds to collect as many logs as you can. You may notice a +1 next to some logs. This means that you’ve received a bonus for a combo. If you wait for several logs to appear on your screen and drag your mouse through them quickly, you will receive a bonus for each log you’ve cut after the first. The bonus only lasts for a few seconds and starts at +1 and increases by 1 with every additional log. For example, if you’ve cut 4 logs you will receive 1 log for the first, 2 logs for the second (+1), 3 logs for the third (+2), and 4 logs for the fourth (+3) – giving you a total of 10 logs. By saying “show lumber” you can view how much of and which kinds of lumber you currently have in your inventory. Unlike mining, you don’t sell lumber in the same place where you purchased the lumber axe, instead there is another Lumber Shop located east of Conner and Riverway, near a patch of purple trees. Selling your lumber is quite easy, all you have to do is use this command: /sell ‘type of wood’ ‘amount’. Here is a list of all the types of lumbers, and also included are the required levels needed to cut down each tree, locations and how much each type of lumber sells for:

Green Trees: Level 0 needed, sells for 1G each. (Found north of Conner).
Red Trees: Level 15 needed, sells for 3G each. (Found north of Delta, south of TC).
Purple Trees: Level 35 needed, sells for 5G each. (Found east of Conner).
Blue Trees: Level 55 needed, sells for 8G each. (Found southwest of Seaport).
Gold Trees: Level 100 needed, sells for 10G each. (Found near blue trees southwest of Seaport and near red trees north of Delta. Please note that there are a limited supply of gold trees on the server.)


Fishing Fishing, the third and last of the jobs available for you to do in Unholy Nation. Beginning this job is as easy as heading to the Seaport Fishing Shop, and receiving the item Tools/Fishing Pole from Deep Sea Angler (Shopkeeper) by simply saying “buy rod”. Once you have your fishing pole head anywhere near a body of water and begin fishing! Fishing is a bit different from the other two jobs since it has a little mini-game every time you are about to catch a fish. Once a fish is hooked, your character will begin pulling the line back and in order for you to catch the fish you have to press D when the small lines are over the red square, if done correctly you will receive a fish. The smaller the red square, the higher quality fish you will catch. Check your fishing bag by saying “show fish” or “/fish”. To exchange your fish for some gralats simply head back to the Seaport Fishing Shop or the Trent Fishing Shop and use one of the following two commands: sell fish ‘fish type’ OR sell all fish. Here is a list of all fish types and also included is how much you can sell each fish for at any of the two shops:

Old Boot: Sells for 0G.
Bass: Sells for 5G.
Carp: Sells for 6G.
Cod: Sells for 7G.
Trout: Sells for 7G.
Rainbow Trout: Sells for 8G.
Barred Knife Jaw: Sells for 8G.
Salmon: Sells for 8G.
Cat Fish: Sells for 8G.
Koi: Sells for 9G.
Cherry Salmon: Sells for 9G.
Piranha: Sells for 10G.
King Fish: Sells for 15G.


The laundry job is located at the top of east Noobville, in the Noobville Tailor.
Touch the water when inside and click “Sure!” to start washing laundry. You will be put to work for exactly 1 minute; after that you receive half of your score in gralats. For example, if you earn a score of 60, you will receive 30 gralats once you’ve finished.

Mushroom Hunting

To start this job, speak to the guy along the coast just Northeast of Riddle Cave. Once you’ve found him you can buy a mushroom basket for 50 gralats by saying ‘gimme dat basket’. Then scour the map for large mushrooms and sell them to the same guy for 6G each. The basket has a 20 mushroom capacity unless you purchase upgrades. Each upgrade expands your basket capacity by 100, except for the ultimate upgrade which gives an unlimited carrying capacity. Also, upgrades are purchased sequentially. This means that in order to purchase the ultimate upgrade you would have to purchase all of the smaller upgrades first.

To find out how many mushrooms you have just say ‘show shrooms’.
For additional information, say ‘/baskethelp’.
To view basket upgrades say ‘tell me more, yo’.
To purchase a basket upgrade say ‘buy <upgrade name> upgrade’.

Available basket upgrades:
minor upgrade – 50g (120 mushroom capacity)
medium upgrade 100g (220 mushroom capacity)
big upgrade – 250g (320 mushroom capacity)
ultimate upgrade – 1000g (unlimited capacity)

Instrument Songs (Flute)

American Flag
s+^, v, ^, v, s+^, s+>

Canadian flag
v, s+^, s+^, ^, <, v, >,s+^, s+<, <

^, s+^, s+^, >, v, >, v, <, <, ^, <, v, v, <, v, >, >, v, ^, v, <

^, s+>, s+v, s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>

Song of Time (Turn into Link!)
s+<, <, >, s+<, <, >, s+<, s+>, s+v, s+^, >, s+^, s+<, <, ^, v, <

^, ^, <, ^, >, v, ^, ^, <, ^, s+^, >

Bacon Song (Broken)

Star Wars

Star Song

Flute warp

Star Wars

Star Song

Song of Time

Teddy Bear (Can’t be seen by others)
v, <, ^, <, v, >, s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>, s+v, s+<, s+^

Instrument Songs

Wind Mill (Song of Storms)
<, >, d+^, <, >, d+^, d+<, d+v, d+<, d+v, d+<, s+>, s+<, <, >, s+^, s+<, <,
>, s+^, v, <, >, d+^, <, >, d+^, d+<, d+v, d+<, d+v, d+<, s+>, s+<,
<, >, s+^, s+<, <

The Flintstones
s+^, ^, s+>, s+<, s+^, ^, s+^, >, v, v, >, s+^, ^, <, v, s+^, ^, s+>, s+<, s+^, ^, s+^, >, v, v, >, s+^, ^, <, ^, s+v, v, s+>, s+v, s+v, s+<, s+<, s+v, s+<, s+<, <, s+v, s+<, s+<, s+^, s+^, s+<, s+^, s+^,s+>, s+<, s+^, ^, s+^, >, v, v, >, s+^, ^, <, v, v, s+^, ^, <, v, s+^, s+<, s+>, s+v, s+>

Stone Tower (Majora’s mask)
  s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, d+v, s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, d+^, (x2)
  s+d+^, s+d+v, s+d+<, d+>, s+d+^, s+d+v, s+d+<, d+>, d+<,
  s+d+^, s+d+v,
  s+d+<, d+>, s+d+^, s+d+v, s+d+<, d+>, s+d+^,
  d+<, d+<, d+^, d+<, d+^, s+>, s+<,
  d+<, d+<, d+^, s+>, s+v, s+v, s+<,
  d+<, d+<, d+^, d+<, d+<, d+^, s+>, s+v,
  d+<, d+v, d+<, d+v, d+<, d+^, s+>,
  d+<, d+>,
  s+d+v, s+d+<, d+<, d+<, d+>, s+d+v, s+d+< (x2)

Lillium (Elfen Lied Theme)
s+< ,d+<,s+v,s+>,s+>,
s+<, s+v,s+^,>,s+^,
s+v,s+>, d+^,s+>,
s+v,s+v  play  x2
d+^,d+< ,d+>,d+V,d+^,d+<,

Dragon Roost Island
v, S+>, S+v, S+>, D+^, S+v, S+<, v, v, S+>, S+V, S+>, D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>,
S+>, D+^, D+^,S+<, D+^, S+>, S+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, D+^, S+>, S+<.
v, S+>, S+v, S+>, D+^, S+v, S+<, v, v, S+>, S+V, S+>, D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>,
S+>, D+^, D+^,S+<, D+^, S+>, S+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, D+^, S+>, S+<.
D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,D+<
D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,S+<
D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,D+<
D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,S+<

Saria’s Song
>, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v, d+<, d+^,
s+v, s+>, s+v, s+^, v, <, v, s+^, v,
>, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v,
d+<, d+^,
s+v, s+>, d+<, s+v, s+^, s+v, s+^, <, v,
<, v, >,
s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>, s+v, v,
>, s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>, d+^, d+<, d+v, d+>,
<, v, >, s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>, s+v, v,
>, v, s+^, s+^, s+v, s+<, s+>, s+v, d+^, s+>, d+>

Life of a Drunken Sailor
s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, <, <, s+<, s+^, s+^, s+^, s+^, s+^, s+^, ^, ^, s+^, s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, d+<, d+v, s+>, s+<, s+^, >, v, >, <, <, <, <

La Cucaracha
^,^,^, >, s+<, ^, ^, ^, > s+<, >, >, v, v, <, ^, ^, ^, ^, v s+^, ^, ^, ^, v, s+^, s+>, s+>, s+<, s+^, >, <, ^

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Up, Up, (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) > > V V < < Up (S+Up) (S+Up) > > V V < (S+Up) (S+Up) > > V V < Up Up (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) > > V V < < Up

Song of the Dead
Up Up > Up > (S+<) Up > (S+<) Up > (S+<) Up > (S+<) > (S+<) (S+>) (S+<) > (S+<) > Up > (S+<) (S+>)(S+<) > (S+<) > Up Up Up >

Smoke of the Water
< > (S+Up) < > (S+<) (S+Up) < > (S+Up) (S+Up) < >

Old McDonald
> > > Up < < Up (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) > > > > Up < < Up (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) > Up Up > > > Up Up > > > > > > > > >Up < < Up (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) > Up Up > > > Up Up > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Up < < Up (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) >

Row Row Row Your Boat
Up Up Up < V V < V > (S+Up) (S+>) (S+>) (S+>) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) V V V Up Up Up (S+Up) > V < Up

Life of a Drunken Sailor
(S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) < < (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) Up Up (S+Up) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) > V > < < < <

The Adam’s Family
< V > Up V > Up < V > Up < V > Up < < V > Up Up > (S+<) (S+Up) > V (S+Up) Up V (S+Up) > V < > Up > (S+<) (S+Up) > V (S+Up) > V Up < V > Up < V >

Marines’ Hymn
V > (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+Up) V > (S+Up) (S+Up) > < Up V > (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+Up) V > (S+Up) (S+Up) > < Up (S+>) (S+V) (S+<) > (S+<) > (S+Up) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+V) (S+<) > (S+<) (S+>) (S+Up) V > (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+Up) V > (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+V) (S+>)

Up < V (S+Up) V < Up V (S+Up) (S+<) (S+>) (S+V) (S+Up) V > V < Up

Amazing Grace
Up > (S+<) > (S+<) (S+Up) > < Up Up > (S+<) > (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+<) (S+>) (S+<) (S+>) (S+<) > Up < > > < Up Up > (S+<) (S+Up) >

Jurassic Park
Up (S+Up) Up < (S+<) (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) (S+>) (S+V) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+>) (S+V) (S+Up) (S+<) > (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) > > V Up >

Jingle Bells
V V V V V V V (Up) Up < V > > > > > V V V V V < < V < (Up) V V V V V V V (Up) Up < V > > > > > V V V V (Up) (Up) (<) (V) (>)

Iron Man
(S+<) (S+>) (S+>) (D+Up) (D+Up) (D+<) (D+Up) (D+<) (D+Up) (D+<) (D+Up) (S+<) (S+<) (D+Up) (D+Up)

Imperial March
V V V Up (S+Up) V Up (S+Up) V (S+V) (S+V) (S+V) (S+>) (S+Up) V Up (S+Up) V

Happy Birthday
Up Up < Up > V Up Up < Up (S+Up) > Up Up (S+>) (S+<) > > V < < < < > Up >

Epona’s Song
(S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) > V > (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) (S+>) (S+>) (S+V)

Keyboard Songs

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Simpsons

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Inspector Gadget

Desert Colossus/Gerudo Valley
256Y256Y W56YW56Y
ME56ME56 565R
256Y256Y W56YW56Y
2 Y6Y652EE5EW M
2 Y6Y652EE5EW
WM 65 N2
2 Y6Y652EE5EW
WM 65 N2
Y6Y 56YUY6Y6Y 656 E56Y6565R

Chrono Trigger
o p x[ np wi y jo r jo 7 o ei cy nr t ey z 2t s xe nr wy i etp e [ t rti
opx O p x[ np wi y jo r jo 7 o ei cy nr t ey z 2t s xe nr wy i etp e
[ t p o i o tyo -[rest]- ] 7o] 7o] 7o[ 7p [ ] yp yi ry n w r w r y r y i 7 wti wto tip [ ]  ryip

Power Rangers

Goonies Theme

Unholy Nation ScreenShots

LiquidIce Farewell Msg
UnholyNation.com one of the first posts (Screenshot)

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