Graalians Discord Server Hiring [08/16/2019]
  • Is currently under construction
  • If you have any question please feel free to ask in the Graalians Discord Server Chat.
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[08/16/2019] Graalians Online Discord Server
-Graalians Discord Server is looking for two people to help out with the Graalians Discord Server WordPress.
Duties Of GDS Blogger
* Post helpful documents about graal or one of the graal server.
* Post about graal history.
* Edit old posts to have them look more professional.
* Help research topics.
* Add missing tags to past posts.

The above duties are the main ones that will be required but is not limited to that.
You can also blogge about what you would like as long as it is approved.

What comes with this position?
* Access to staff chat.
* Custom Role to recognize you in the server.
* Added to the GDS staff list on the WordPress site and your name will stay on the site if you decide to leave as a past staff member.

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