Discord Server Bot Commands

  • Is currently under construction
  • If you have any question please feel free to ask in the Graalians Discord Server Chat.
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Discord Bot Commands (Some of the commands are inactive and will be update soon)

!rimg Random Graal Screenshot
!noob Funny noob images
!noob1 Funny noob images
!noob2 Funny noob images
!noob3 Funny noob images
!templates Graal Online GFX Templates
!toxic Access to the NSFW channel
!female State you are a female
!male State you are a male
!members List how many members are currently on the server
!graalprofile Graal Profile tricks tutorial
!graalnews Receive notifications when graal news is posted
!modapplication Moderator Application for Graalians Discord Server
!allroles Get all the Graalians Discord Server Roles
!resetroles Remove all roles from your account other than the Graalians Role