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Unholy Nation Graal Server History

author image by Rice2k | PC Graal Playerworlds Playerworlds Archives UNDER CONSTRUCTION | 0 Comments | June 4, 2020

Unholy Nation Graal Server History Unholy Nation was founded in June of 2001 by LiquidIce and AcidIce, around the same time that Elven Lands was released. Management was handed down to Dark Warlock on 02-25-2002 On April 22, 2016, Unholy…

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Graal Client Versions

author image by Rice2k | Client Graal PC Graal | 0 Comments | June 2, 2020

??/98 1st Zelda Online??/??/98 2nd Zelda Online??/??/98 ZO Level Editor09/08/98 The 1st Graal09/16/98 The 2nd Graal09/30/98 The 3rd Graal10/02/98 Alpha of 4th Graal10/05/98 The 4th Graal10/12/98 Alpha of 5th Graal10/19/98 The 5th Graal11/09/98 The 6th Graal12/04/98 The 7th Graal12/08/98 The…

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